Family Volunteering: The Benefits to Families

Family Volunteering:  The Benefits to Families

Through volunteer activities, families enrich their relationships with one another and gain insights into the challenges of other human beings.

The following are some benefits to families who volunteer:

  • Adults and children share the same goal and a common purpose.
  • Children gain opportunities to share their time and talents.
  • Children learn self-confidence and acquire new skills.
  • Family members encounter people form different cultures and economic backgrounds, and grow as human beings.
  • Family members see one another in a new light and with a fresh perspective.
  • Family members become better at communicating and more supportive of one another.
  • Volunteer experiences carry over into other parts of their lives such as dinner table discussions.
  • Children learn the lifelong lesson that by giving to others they put their own problems in perspective.

From a publication of Family Matters, a national program of the Points of Light Institute/Hands On Network, designed to strengthen families and to help solve serious social problems in communities through family volunteering.