Virtual Volunteering

Virtual Volunteering

Virtual volunteering is the practice of volunteering using the Internet, off-site from the organization being assisted. Virtual volunteering is also known as online volunteering or cyber service.    (

Resources & Opportunities Cyber-Mentoring, Interning, Archiving, & Various Projects On-Line  [Note:  At many sites it is helpful to enter cyber, online & virtual as search keywords]    (The United Nations Portal )    (select “virtual”)    (scroll down to list of groups)   (Online volunteers w/disabilities)


2) More Sample Projects-At-A-Distance    (AARPs Database -Enter Keywords: Online Virtual, leave zip blank)   (Proofreading for Public Domain Books-Online & similar)   (Citizen Bird Count Database, easy & fun)  (EPA’s Volunteer Monitoring Programs)  (Geeks Without Bounds)   (Goodwill’s Online Mentoring Program)  (Top-Rated Digital Disaster-Response Help!)      


3) Micro-Activism Online - (Only Takes Minutes, No Commitment, Empowering Citizens - Anywhere Convenient)   (Choose Favorites, Topics, Causes)    (Public Citizen - Action Center)    (National Resources Defense Council - Action Center)  (Friends of the Earth)  (Amnesty International/USA)   (Choose Favorites, Topics, Causes)    (Choose Favorites, Topics, Causes)   (Choose Favorites, Topics, Causes)   (Choose Favorites, Topics, Causes)


4) Background Notes About Online Volunteerism/ Being a Cyber Volunteer