Emergency Squads of Burlington County

The Emergency Squads of Burlington County need many additional volunteers, especially those available to respond to daytime calls during the week.  EMT certification classes are offered in county.  About half the squads also sponsor junior auxiliaries for teen volunteers. Burlington County First Aid Council - Francis Pagurek, President - fpagurek@mountlaurel.com     http://www.burlcofac.org/   or contact your local squad.


Evesham Fire-Rescue

Evesham Fire-Rescue is looking for people who want to make a contribution to the safety of their neighborhood. We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time to this worthy and fulfilling cause. Contact us about Joining the TEAM! You can volunteer as a Firefighter, EMT or BOTH! Open to Evesham Residents & EMT and Certified Non-residents 18 years of age or older.

Willingboro Emergency Squad

Willingboro Emergency Squad is seeking volunteers, age 18 years and over, to maintain our tradition of serving Willingboro Township and surrounding communities.  We provide free, diverse, medical and rescue training, tuition assistance, networking opportunities with professionals such as police departments, fire departments, health care professionals and more.  We promise unique life experiences that few other fields can offer. Call 609-835-4357 to request an application.

Endeavor Emergency Squad

Endeavor Emergency Squad is a non-profit 501c3 organization that provides emergency medical basic life support services to Burlington City, Burlington Township. Beverly City, Edgewater Park Township and a portion of Springfield Township. We also extend mutual ai to neighboring towns as needed. For more information contact Chief David Ekelburg at 609-386-8899 or dekelburg@endeavorems.org or visit us on facebook.


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